Eadro (pronounced: /iˈɑːdree-AD-ro[1]) was the creator of the locathah and merfolk and was worshiped exclusively by those two races, though each worshiped him differently.[1] He was part of the asathalfinare pantheon, an alliance of good-aligned gods of aquatic races.[3]



The merfolk worshiped Eadro with passion, making their supplications open to non-merfolk so that they might hear songs devoted to him. The songs and swimming dances they used in prayer changed with every season as well as during their numerous holidays. They were accepting of the differences in the locathahs' beliefs, but these beliefs were confusing to the merfolk.[1]


The locathah worshiped him as the Deliverer. Only males were allowed in the clergy and their religious practices were kept secret from all others. They used prayer as a form of redemption from the punishment they believed was bestowed upon their race for improper worship, pointing to the frequent enslavement of the locathah by others and their scaly bodies as opposed to the merfolk's smoother ones. They aimed to use their prayer to be redeemed and transformed into merfolk.[1]

After 500 years of this type of worship, some locathah began to worship other sea deities at Myth Nantar, preaching acceptance of the bodies and abilities Eadro gave them.[1]




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