Eagles' Eyrie was a rocky knoll just outside the town of Dagger Falls; it was noted as a site sacred to the Brightblade clan of dwarves.[1]


A bare rocky hill, this natural lookout point gave a view high over the nearby town of Dagger Falls.[3] A winding trail allowed a rough ascent through sharp, steep cliffs to the top of Eagles' Eyrie.[2]


Eagles' Eyrie was once used as a watchpost over dwarven trading routes from the Mines of Tethyamar to towns such Hillsfar, Voonlar, and Zhentil Keep.[2]


At one time, Eagles' Eyrie was a dwarven stronghold, keeping watch over valuable dwarven trade routes leading to the Mines of Tethyamar, until the fall of the kingdom of Tethyamar in 1104 DR.[4][5] Shortly thereafter, in the mid-1200s, Colderan Morn drove the remaining dwarves from the outpost after a perceived slight against his wife, Belesaria.[6]



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