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Earth drakes were a type of elemental drake known for their lower intelligence than other types.[1]


Like other elemental drakes, earth drakes were draconic in form (four legs, two wings, etc.), about 12 ft (3.7 m) long in total. Their scales were craggy and brownish-grey to better blend into their preferred environment. The claws were short and stubby, better suited for burrowing than fighting, but the eyes were a glistening emerald green.[1]


Earth drakes were slow and ponderous of thought and speech, orderly but not malevolent. When provoked, however, they were terrifying.[1]


Earth drakes were not so good at flying as other drakes, but they could burrow through the ground and sense foes that stood upon the earth with ease, or even shake the ground once each day.[1]


Earth drakes preferred to remain on or in the ground if combat broke out, using first their ability to shake the earth before attacking enemies the tremor knocked over.[1]


Earth drakes typically lived in temperate mountains, lairing in underground caverns big enough for them to spread their wings. They preferred to keep gems as treasure, and were known to trade items or information for gemstones, although their low intellect meant they were sometimes tricked.[1]



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