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Earth mephits were mephits from the Elemental Plane of Earth.[1]


Earth mephits were roughly humanoid, winged creatures with a height of 4 feet (1.2 meters) and weighed 80 pounds (36.3 kilograms), though bigger specimens existed too.[1]


Like most mephits, earth mephits were curious rather than evil, but they could vary.[1]


Earth mephits had sharp claws, which they used in combat. These claws worked like magical weapons.[1]

Physical Abilities[]

Earth mephits had wings and could fly faster than their speed on land.[1]

They had tough skin and healed when they were buried to their waist in earth or were underground.[1]

Magical abilities[]

An earth mephit could cast soften earth and stone and an effect similar to enlarge person on themselves each once per day. They could breath pebbles to hurt those within 15 feet (4.6 meters).[1]

Earth mephits could summon another earth mephit once per day for one hour, though this ability worked only one in four times.[1]


Earth mephits were encountered alone but also gathered with similar mephits in groups called gangs consisting of two to four mephits and mobs consisting of five to a dozen mephits.[1]

Earth mephits were also found as cohorts to charismatic individuals.[1]

The drow god Vhaeraun was served by earth mephits, and they were sometimes sent by him to aid his followers.[4]