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Earthbind was a transmutation spell that temporarily suppressed a creature's ability to fly.[1][2]


The spell enveloped a creature within a range of 300 feet (91 meters) in yellow strips of magical energy. If unable to resist, the affected creature could not fly again for up to 1 minute, as long as the caster kept concentrating.[1][5][2]

If earthbind was cast on an airborne creature, it gently descended to the ground as if under the effect of a feather fall spell.[1][6][2] Even if a newly applied effect would grant the creature the ability to fly again, it would be suppressed for the duration of the earthbind spell.[2]


The spell required only verbal components,[1] though some older versions of it required a somatic component.[2]

Notable Users

  • Gadacro had an innate ability to cast this spell once per day.[2]