Easthaven was one of the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.[1]


The town was located on the southern shore of Lac Dinneshere on the east end of the Eastway that led to Bryn Shander.[5] Originally just a small hamlet, the building of the Eastway trade road to Bryn Shander proved to be a boon to the village which became the fastest-growing community in the region with a fishing fleet rivaling that of Caer-Dineval.[6]

A breakwater protected most of the piers that reached out into Lac Dinneshere.[7]


In 1281 DR, Hrothgar assembled an expedition to Kuldahar following the arrival of a messenger. However, the expedition was ambushed by frost giants in Kuldahar Pass and the only survivors to reach Kuldahar were a newly arrived group of adventurers.[8]

Akar Kessell murdered his mentor Morkai the Red in Easthaven.[7]

In 1356 DR, the representative to the council was Glensather.[4] He was a respected and even-tempered councilman, viewing the Ten Towns as "sturdy bulwarks against barbarism."[9] During the Battle of Icewind Dale, Glensather waded into a group of orcs, killing two, but as he reached Wulfgar a spear drove into his back and tearing through his chest killing him.[10]

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Easthaven at night

Easthaven by night.

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The area of Easthaven is but one of many tiny, frigid villages clinging to survival. They endure, but it is a hard life, and the only war that comes to Easthaven is the battle against the elements.
— Everard, Trusted Sword, Order of the Broken Blade, Easthaven, Eleint, Year of the Cold Soul, 1281 DR.[11]



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  • Visiting Dignitaries House, set aside for pretty much anybody except the "lowliest wandering trapper or prospector."[7]




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The settlements and lakes of the Ten Towns
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