The Easting Coast was a region of Impiltur located south of the Earthfast Mountains, along the southern banks of the Easting Reach, where it opened up into the Sea of Fallen Stars. It was the home of four great city-states whose unification resulted in the founding of the Impilturan kingdom.[2]


The coastline was a verdant and pastoral stretch of land, full of winding streams and creeks that flowed down from the mountains down into the sea. It was ideal for agriculture and rich with orchards and farms that were abundant with cereal crops and plots lined with tubers and other root vegetables.[2]

The coast was abundant with wildlife and game. A great number of red-striped deer and mountain goals grazed the foothills of the Earthfasts.[2]


Traffic along the Royal Road was somewhat busy with trade caravans and traveling vendors.[2] The foothills of the Earthfasts, which continued south to Agmoth county, were active with merchants and ore-traders that came down from the mines to the north.[3]

Notable LocationsEdit

In addition to its' great cities the Easting Coast was dotted with pleasant hamlets and farmsteads.[2]

  • Agmoth County: This small stretch of land, nestled in the foothills of the Earthfast Mountains, served as an important locale for ore-merchants who transported their goods from the mines.[3]
  • Dilpur: This moderately-sized trading city experienced a great population boom during the mid-14th century,[4] but fell [2]
  • Filur: The former Impilturan capital was sacked during the Prince's Revolt in the Year of the Ormserpent, 1295 DR. In the following decades it lost most of its prestige but remained a rural summer-home for the royal family.[2]
  • Hlammach: The great sea port of Impiltur was a densely-populated metropolis that was tasked with minting the Impilturan currency.[4][2]
  • Lyrabar: While the great coastal city of Lyrabar boasted a grand armada and a renowned magical academy,[4][2] it was devastated by the geographical upheaval brought upon by the Spellplague and struggled to hold on to its former glory after being inundated with criminal organizations and thieves.[1]
  • New Sarshel: Despite being devastated by war, Sarshel was a exemplar of fortitude and forged through difficult years. The merchants of the city led recovery efforts that elevated New Sarshel as an illustrious center of trade, home to many Impiltur's greatest sites and attractions.[1]
Other settlements

Agmoth Road[3]Royal Road[2]



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