Eastway was one of the larger districts of Baldur's Gate. As the name suggested, it was located on the east side of the Lower City, between Gray Harbor and the Basilisk Gate. It was bordered on the north by Heapside and to the south by Brampton.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

Inns, Restaurants and Taverns
  • Blade and Stars: This was comfortable if somewhat ordinary, save for its rather unique, enchanted signboard.[2]
  • Elfsong Tavern: A somewhat famous landmark of the city, the Elfsong earned its name from the spectral vocalist that dwelled within.[3]
  • Jopalin's: Like other establishments of the Lower City,[4] this formerly unpleasant establishment was later transformed into a trendy eatery.[3]
  • The Low Lantern: This three-story moored merchant's ship was renovated to serve as a combination festhall, tavern and gambling den.[3]



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