Eastway Expeditions was a shop in Baldur's Gate that specialized in selling equipment to those who sought exploration or adventure, particularly those en route to the land of Chult. It was run by the rather shrewd businessperson, Scalm Shilvan.[1]


The Eastway shop offered a modest selection of adventuring gear, which was tailored to the exploration of a jungle biome. Many items were given dubious descriptors, such as "jungle-proof" or "dinosaur-resistant".[1]


When the city of Baldur's Gate formed a trade agreement with the merchant princes of Port Nyanzaru, business at Eastway Expeditions skyrocketed. A great many inexperienced adventurers rapidly outfitted themselves and met an untimely end in the dangerous jungles of Chult.[1]

After the death of several patriar youth, the Baldurian government imposed a 10-day waiting period on any goods sold at the shop. Scalm, in turn, began referring her clientele to those who sought to rapidly form new crews and earned extra gold by helping folks get out of the city very quickly, regardless of their destination.[1]



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