Eblis (pronounced: /ˈɛbliEH-blee[1] or: /ˈɛblɪsEB-lis[4]) were large birdlike monstrosities that roamed the jungles of Chult.[1]


Eblis resembled large cranes and behaved like ordinary birds in many ways, including laying eggs.[1] They had narrow heads that ended in long, black needle-like beaks.[2]


They were intelligent, greedy, and utterly evil creatures, who were interested mainly in using other creatures to forward their self-serving goals. They were also extremely vengeful and took great pleasure in luring other creatures into deadly traps.[1]


Eblis spellcasters were generally known to be capable of casting the spells audible glamer, change self, hypnotism, spook, wall of fog, blur, hypnotic pattern, and whispering wind.[2]

Notable eblisEdit

Papazotl, one of the Nine Trickster Gods of Chult, was an eblis.[5]


Eblis communities were generally led by a spellcaster, who scholars speculated would compel their flock to embrace their evil nature.[2] They dwelt in huts and nests that they constructed out of riverside foliage, which they also used to hide their treasure hordes.[1] They took great care to ensure that these huts were difficult for most creatures to detect.[2]

Myths & RumorsEdit

It was believed that eblis originated as reincarnations of evil humans as a punishment for deeds such as larceny and kidnapping.[1]



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