Ed Greenwood (born 1959) is the creator of the Forgotten Realms. He first began in 1967,[2] writing fiction set in his imagined world. He created the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting for his own D&D games in 1975, and its popularity with other gamers through Dragon Magazine led to TSR's purchase of the setting in 1986.[1]

Although Elminster is the in-world alter ego for Ed,[3] this was done for editorial purposes, as it was requested to him by TSR, Inc. However, Elminster is not a character that Ed himself would have picked as his alter ego if given the choice.[4]

When not writing Realmslore or yet another book, Ed keeps himself busy by attending conventions and working as a library clerk in Canada where he lives at a farmhouse in Ontario.[5]

Ed's ambition is to fully detail the entirety of the Forgotten Realms, fleshing out every place in full detail, but he admits that this is an unrealistic goal and is unlikely ever to be achieved.[6]

Ed has authored many more—including the detailed Volo's Guide series—and continues to DM his own campaign. He has written regular Realmslore columns for the Wizards of the Coast website and continues his writing about the realms on his personal website.[7]

In addition to all these activities, Ed works as a library clerk (and sometimes as a librarian) and has edited over a dozen small press magazines. When not appearing at conventions, he lives in an old farmhouse in the countryside of Ontario.[8]

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