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Eels were aquatic creatures.



Dreel eels, sometimes known as trollfingers due to their appearance, were a species of river eel found in the River Reaching in the Western Heartlands. Their bodies were short, yet fat, and green-black in color. They subsisted upon algae and carrion, which kept the river's waters both clean and clear. They had a taste reminiscent of mucus, but could be quite nourishing, thus they were often fried with certain herbs or spices to mask their natural taste.[3]


Electric eels were a rarely-sighted species in Faerûn[4] that possessed the unique ability to discharge a field of electricity.[5]


The Icewind eel

Icewind eels were a species endemic to the Sea of Moving Ice. They were a commonly served dish within taverns across the coast of Icewind Dale, often served battered and fried.[6]


Lampreys were a species of leech-like eels.[7]


The Mkunga

Mkungas were a large species of eel endemic to the inland rivers of the Chultan Peninsula. They typically migrated downstream to the Trackless Sea to give birth in shallow, brackish inlets. Most would return upstream until they matured, though some would spend their whole lives within those estuary waters.[8]


Onsler eels were a species of freshwater eel that inhabited shallow streams and deep rivers throughout the Heartlands. They had pale skin, marked with dusty-white spots, and soft sucker mouths. They were sensitive to extreme temperatures and would die if water got either too cold or too hot. They were a rather passive and herbivorous species, subsisting on algae as well as aquatic mosses and lichen. They were capable of living longer than the average human; their bodies grew longer and broader as they aged, with young specimens being more cylindrical and older ones being more flatter. Their flesh had a pleasant texture, but was rather tasteless, thus they were typically doused in sauce or heavily seasoned.[9]


Splars were a species of eel with wing-like fins that allowed them to leap from out of the water.


Suckertails were a variety of eels from Laerakond, highly appreciated by the people of Tarmalune due to their eating habits.[10]


Vilhon eels were a species endemic to the Vilhon Reach. They had long and ribbon-like bodies, black in color with green mottling. They often proved difficult to catch by fishermen using nets. They were a local delicacy in Nimpeth.[11]


The Wolf eel

Wolf eels, otherwise known as akoak by Ice Hunters, were a rare species endemic to the Sea of Fallen Stars. Their bodies were blue and had large crushing jaws capable of eating sea barbs, woolly crabs and oysters. Ice Hunters that swam alongside them during exceptionally warm summers noted that they were generally non-threatening and curious creatures.[6]



  • Eel pie was a common dish across Faerûn.[12]
  • Eel was used in brassla, a traditional Luskan rice dish.[13]
  • It was quite common for inns of average quality in coastal areas of the Realms to serve roasted eel as the third part of a four-course meal.[14]
  • Live eels were served in Braundlae's Best.[15]
  • Snail-and-eel soup was made by the lizardfolk of the Vast Swamp around 1374 DR.[16]
  • Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue sold eel skins at a price of 2 sp per 4 in (0.1 m) squared.[17] The skin of eels was sometimes used to make boots — the minstrel Llewellyn the Loquacious was one known person to own such boots.[18]
  • Bandoliers, belts, and harnesses made from treated eelskin was common among all the sentient creatures of Serôs.[19]
  • In Tulmene the taverns the Fast Sails and the Sail At Sunset offered their patrons eel filled tarts and salted eels respectively.[20]
  • In Waterdeep, eels could be found for sale in the city's fishmarkets. They were also one of the few things for sale during the winter.[21]
  • In Sumbria of the Blade Kingdoms, pickled eels were a common food item found in pantries, including the pantry of the Palace of Sumbria.[22]


In 1217 DR, the Princess of Sumbria and an amateur sorceress Milianna Mannicci da Sumbria, managed to accidentally conjure a wild furry green glutinous creature in her attempts to master the Art. The wild thing raided the Palace of Sumbria's pantries, stealing dried hogfish and pickled eels. The perpetrator occasionally left half-eaten eels behind.[22]

Notable Eels[]

Rumors & Legends[]

In the 14th century DR, the moat surrounding the city of Sundabar was rumored to be filled with man-eating eels. Volothamp Geddarm noted this in his book, Volo's Guide to the North, and expressed doubt that those eels would survive each winter.[24]



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