Ehlastra was a veteran fighter who became a slave and unwilling concubine of Yaga-Shura, a fire giant Bhaalspawn.[1]


The woman was a strong and robust warrior, who was from a land far north of Saradush.[1]


She had a rude and harsh personality, and strongly believed in honor. She would kill those who divulged that she had been humiliated and kept as a prisoner.[1]


Some time prior 1369 DR, Ehlastra had heard the tales of the mighty Yaga-Shura, a Bhaalspawn giant, who was apparently invincible. She was so awed by what she had heard, that she packed her bags and set off to offer her services to him. She wished to revel in the bloodshed Yaga-Shura committed, and slaughter his foes across the land.[1]

When the warrior reached the lair of the fire giants, they acknowledged her combat prowess, but thought she would be better off as a mate for their leader. This way, she could birth his children, which would carry the blood of Bhaal. She believed that the giants were short-sighted, and they made her a prisoner and concubine to Yaga-Shura.[1]

Circa 1369 DR, Gorion's Ward and party assaulted the temple where many of Yaga-Shura's kin lived. The ward found the slave woman, who had overheard conversations of the secret behind Yaga-Shura's apparent invincibility. She knew that Nyalee of the Forest of Mir had more information behind this. After these events, the warrior wished to return to her home in the north.[1]



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