Eidola of Neverwinter of the Boareskyr family was the bride of Piergeiron the Paladinson in 1377 DR. Their marriage was instrumental in securing a trade route between Waterdeep and Kara-Tur.[2]

I comfort myself with the thought of her beauty. Somewhere, her bright, silvery eyes look upon something. Somewhere, her long auburn hair casts its shadow on some rock or blade of grass. Her smile, with its thousand mysteries and thousand thousand promises, somewhere enchants someone.
  — Piergeiron the Paladinson[3]


Eidola had bright, silvery eyes, long auburn hair, and pearly white teeth.[3]


Eidola was outgoing and focused on the things she wanted to achieve. She was not cruel, but was very demanding and adored luxury.[4]


Eidola was a capable fighter who knew her way around plate armor and a sword. She was able to fight off a doppelganger with nothing but a hot iron brand bar.[5]


Eidola very quickly charmed Piergeiron with both her personality and looks. It helped that she was the striking image of his long-dead love Shaleen, whom he was often thinking about later in life.[6]

Rulathorn, the commander of the City Watch of Waterdeep thought Eidola of Neverwinter to be artificially beautiful, cold and calculating, and that when she lovingly looked into Piergeiron's eyes, she looked at her own reflection in them.[7]


Lady Eidola met her husband-to-be Piergeiron when he followed a scream to the side of a road. The young field-plate-armor-wearing woman was shaking a tree in front of her. The screaming was coming from a kobold on the tree who'd stolen Eidola's money purse. Piergeiron offered to help, and without waiting for acceptance started chopping the tree with his battleax. Only after the tree fell he noticed that the kobold had been coaxed off the tree a while before by Eidola using a piece of jerky. She quickly made a scaly friend and captured Paladinson's heart.[6]

On the 17th and the 18th of Eleint, the Year of the Haunting, 1377 DR, Open Lord of Waterdeep Piergeiron Paladinson and Eidola of Neverwinter held a lavish wedding ceremony at Piergeiron's Palace.[2]

The wedding was also used to create a trading pact with the Boareskyr family allowing the caravans from Waterdeep to pass through Boareskyr Bridge, making many factions of Waterdeep unhappy. Piergeiron was worried about Eidola's safety and had his trusted bodyguard Madeiron Sunderstone keeping her safe.[5]

The first attempt on Eidola's life came when she was lured away from the guests by a serving girl, in reality, a doppelganger. Eidola used a hot poker to attack the creature as Piergeiron finished it off.[5]

Another malicious plot against the newlyweds came from a gues, Laskar Nesher. The fat businessman was attempting to blackmail Eidola with information about her mysterious past.[8] The next nefarious player in the convoluted plot was the Master Mariners' Guild. Its members were seemingly planning an assassination, foiled by a young noble, Kastonoph "Noph" Nesher, son of Laskar.[8]

The third attempt on Eidola's life was stopped by Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun, who confronted and killed a group of doppelgangers posing as the lady's handmaidens during the ceremony. All of the swirling plots though ended up being a mere distraction. A set of beautiful candles given as a wedding gift was used during the ceremony, but summoned a group of basal golems that took on the forms of warriors, causing havoc and slaughter in a cloud of magical darkness. Piergeiron the Paladinson fought bravely but Eidola was abducted and taken to the faraway Utter East.[8]




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