An eidolon was a large construct that resembled a statue. Unlike other constructs, they were animated with a small part of a deity's divinity.[3]


The eidolons were often used by divinities and their servants to guard holy sites. According to research by the wizard Mordenkainen, they were often forged from the souls of those who had proven their unwavering devotion to their god. Eidolons had no free will nor other purpose beyond guarding the place they were assigned to and could never leave.[1]


In combat, eidolons showed fanatical zeal when protecting the holy site they were assigned to. At its core an eidolon was an incorporeal undead divine spirit that could fight either as a spirit, or by inhabiting sacred statues in the vicinity. Eidolons often invoked feelings of intense dread in opponents.[1]

Eidolons created by kuo-toa had the ability to spew blood-red seawater with caustic properties, capable of burning the flesh of opponents and affecting their eyesight. The caustic seawater could harden to encase a victim in a compact coral dome covered in runes declaring them as a ritual sacrifice.[4]

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