Eilistraee's moonfire was an alteration spell granted by the goddess Eilistraee to her priestesses and, at her will, worshipers.[1] [2]


This spell generated moonfire, a beacon of light, whose intensity and color could be controlled by the creator at will, ranging from a faint glow to a clear, bright—though not blinding nor strong enough to harm—light), though moonfire generally had the same intensity as moonlight. Colors could be white, silver, blue-white, or a soft green.[1][2]

Manifested moonfire was normally always attached to the caster's body, but could move as the creator wished. More experienced clerics, however, could move the moonfire away from their bodies, like the spell dancing lights. The radiance could move around the creator's body as fast as desired, but moved only up to 40 feet (12.2) at a time when away from the caster. The caster could guide it in any direction, through any opening, and cause the glow to appear in any size, up to a volume determined by their power.[1][2]

A casting of Eilistraee's moonfire lasted a short duration according to the level of the caster, but it could be dismissed at will, and concentration was not required to maintain it.[1][2]

This spell and the darkness spell negated each other.[1][2]


All full specialty priests, or sword dancers, of Eilistraee could cast Eilistraee's moonfire through an act of will,[1][2] or cast it as a spell.[1]

Eilistraee herself could also create moonfire at will.[1]


It was generally used as a light source for reading, to see in the dark, and as a signal for communication.[1][2]

Eilistraee also occasionally chose to gift a male follower or a follower with no priestly powers who nevertheless did her work with the power to temporarily ability to manifest her moonfire, as per this spell. This could be to show her blessing or support, or simply to provide some light. However, the lucky bearer had no control over the moonfire's duration, intensity, or location—such things were solely up to the goddess.[1][2]



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