Einsaung (pronounced: /ɛnsɒngen-song[4]) were a type of nat native to Kara-Tur. They were the most commonly encountered nat.[2]


Einsaung resembled short and stocky humanoids with unkempt hair. They had sharp fangs and claws. They had brilliantly colored reddish skin.[2]


Einsaung were shy and as a result were often either invisible or ethereal. Einsaung cherished children and would become corporeal and visible to play games with them.[2]


If the residence or the family it was guarding was threatened, an einsaung possessed the strongest member of the family in the immediate area and acted through their body.[2]


Einsaung were powerful creatures and had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of become ethereal, become invisible, beneficence, comprehend languages, dancing blade, deflection, detect curse, detect shapechanger, dream vision, ESP, know history, levitate, passwall, polymorph self, possess animal, protection from good, 10' radius, quickgrowth, and slow poison, spells at will. In addition, they had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of cure disease and omen once per day. The area around an einsaung was blessed. It was powerful enough to bless an entire house and its occupants. Einsaung were immune to disease and poison and had a resistance to electrical and fire-based spells. They were also immune to damage from all mundane weapons; only magical weapons were able to harm an einsaung.[2]


Einsaung were household guardian spirits. A family could convince an einsaung to take up resistance with offerings of food and treasure. After taking up residence, einsaung protected the household and dispensed with advice, information, and good fortune.[2]


Einsaung always lived in the southernmost corner of the house they took up residence in. Their actual lair was on the Ethereal Plane.[2]


Einsaung ate a variety of food, favoring fruits and nuts.[2]




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