Eiruk Weskur was a young human wizard of Waterdeep.


Eiruk had black hair that he often worn shorn short in a skullcap.[2]


Eiruk joined the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors around 1473 DR.[1]

In 1479 DR, Eiruk was recruited by Khondar "Ten-Rings" Naomal to aid the Blackstaff, Samark Dhanzscul, in retrieving an item from the tomb of Sarael Arunsun. Eiruk was familiar enough with the Blackstaff to recognize that the man presenting himself was Samark was an impostor (Centiv Naomal).[3] However, he was unable to do anything but help the impostor retrieve the item, which would give Khondar the clues he needed to gain the keys to access to Blackstaff Tower. Only an honest and just person (in this case Eiruk) could receive the item; that person also received an invisible, magical mark. Because he had the mark, Eiruk was made the backup heir to the Blackstaff. When Khondar tried to retrieve the keys from Ompahr Daergech, Ompahr saw that Khondar did not have the correct mark and so gave him the "wrong" set of keys.[4]

When Laraelra, Renaer Neverember, Meloon Wardragon, and others were accused by Khondar of murdering Vajra, Eiruk initially joined other wizards in his guild in an attempt to capture them. Eiruk switched sides after witnessing a battle between mages from the Watchful Order and Laraelra's friends and he helped return Vajra to Blackstaff Tower because he had a crush on her. The crush made her feel uncomfortable, so she decided to make Laraelra Harsard her heir instead of him.[4]

Eiruk was later made one of the founding members of the group organized by Renaer to replace the Moonstars.[5]


Eiruk's mother was named Ainla.[3]




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