Eirwyn was an astral deva follower of Helm until the god's death. She was a skilled diviner.[1]


Eirwyn had a silver braid and bronze skin.[1] Eirwyn appeared old; she had a lined face. She carried a silver mace.[3]


When Helm died in 1384 DR, Eirwyn dedicated herself to righteousness, rather than to a particular god.[4]

Eirwyn was a close friend of Tauran's. Against the orders of the High Council of Tyr, she aided Tauran when he began to express doubt about his faith in Tyr. She was imprisoned for her actions but later pardoned and sent to aid Erathaol the Seer, ruler of Venya in Mount Celestia.[5]

Erathaol convinced her to explore her visions, which led her to find Tauran again, along with his companions Aliisza, Kael, and Pharaun Mizzrym. She aided them in defending the Lifespring against Kaanyr Vhok and a demonic invasion; she and Kael were the only members of that group to survive.[6]




The Empyrean Odyssey:


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