The Ashnarti family of crime lords was one of the smaller crime families in Calimshan, with its base in Keltar, and was known for its brutes and thugs.[1]

The headquarters of the Guild of Enforcers and Thugs of Calimshan was located in Keltar[2] and was the only rogues' guild of note in the city. In 1370 DR, this guild was in the control of the sultan of Keltar, Duncan el Ashnarti, allowing him to control both illegal and legal activity there. Duncan was married to a niece of el Ahimar family, one of the four major crime families in Calimshan, which was in turn subservient to el Pesarkhal family and the syl-pasha himself, so the entire Ashnarti family and the underworld of Keltar was in control of Ralan el Pesarkhal.[1]

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