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Elaine Cunningham is an American fantasy and science fiction author, especially known for her almost poetic literary style. Her contributions to the Forgotten Realms campaign world include the realms of Evermeet, Halruaa, Rashemen, Ruathym and Waterdeep.[1]

Amongst Elaine's most popular characters are the half-elf Arilyn Moonblade, the bard Danilo Thann, the quirky drow wizard Liriel Baenre, her companion the Rashemi berserker Fyodor, and Elaith "The Serpent" Craulnober (created by Ed Greenwood).

The final book of the Songs & Swords novel series, to be called Reclamation, was cancelled by Wizards of the Coast, as Cunningham was unable to complete the book in time. She had tried to rewrite the book several times, changing character appearances, plots, and subplots. The book, would it have been complete, tied up several loose ends and expanded the lore of Evermeet. Due to the close release of 4th-edition Dungeons & Dragons, which brought major changes to the Forgotten Realms, the content of this book would mostly be rendered irrelevant anyway. Despite the cancellation, Cunningham had no complaints with the way it was dealt with, and would continue to write about the Realms.[2]


Songs & Swords[]
  1. Elfshadow (1991, reprinted in 2000)
  2. Elfsong (1994, reprinted in 2000)
  3. Silver Shadows (1996, reprinted in 2001)
  4. Thornhold (1998, reprinted in 2001)
  5. The Dream Spheres (1999)
Starlight and Shadows[]
  1. Daughter of the Drow (1995)
  2. Tangled Webs (1996)
  3. Windwalker (2003)
Counselors & Kings[]
  1. The Magehound (2000)
  2. The Floodgate (2001)
  3. The Wizardwar (2002)
Short stories from Forgotten Realms anthologies[]
Dragon magazine


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