Elaine Cunningham is an American fantasy and science fiction author, especially known for her almost poetic literary style. Her contributions to the Forgotten Realms campaign world include the realms of Evermeet, Halruaa, Rashemen, Ruathym and Waterdeep.[1]

Amongst Elaine's most popular characters are the half-elf Arilyn Moonblade, the bard Danilo Thann, the quirky drow wizard Liriel Baenre, her companion the Rashemi berserker Fyodor, and Elaith "The Serpent" Craulnober (created by Ed Greenwood).

Elaine lives in New England.



Songs & SwordsEdit

  1. Elfshadow (1991, reprinted in 2000)
  2. Elfsong (1994, reprinted in 2000)
  3. Silver Shadows (1996, reprinted in 2001)
  4. Thornhold (1998, reprinted in 2001)
  5. The Dream Spheres (1999)

Starlight and ShadowsEdit

  1. Daughter of the Drow (1995)
  2. Tangled Webs (1996)
  3. Windwalker (2003)

Counselors & KingsEdit

  1. The Magehound (2000)
  2. The Floodgate (2001)
  3. The Wizardwar (2002)

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