Elden Corrinthal, usually know as the Oracle, was the head priest of Amaunator in the Abbey of the Rose in Sembia.[1]


In 1484 DR, the Oracle encouraged Vasen Cale to follow the destiny that Amaunator would show him.[citation needed]

Later as dictated by a dream sent by his father the Oracle released the spirits of Elgrin Fau that had kept safe the Abbey for so many years.[citation needed]

Later Sayeed and Zeeahd invaded the Abbey with their pack of spined devils. The Oracle was confronted by Zeeahd. Elden managed to humiliate Zeehad and so he ordered his spined devils to kill Elden. The Oracle was well prepared for his death and died with a smile.[1]


Elden's best friend was a dog called Browny.[1]



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