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Eldritch blast was the most basic of all spells known to a warlock.[3][1][4][note 1]


When a warlock cast eldritch blast he created and fired from his hands or implement a purple bolt[1] or beam[3][4] of crackling destructive energy. Like similarly simple spells, eldritch blast could be cast as many times as its caster desired.[3][1][4]

The range of the spell depended on what area it was used in, before the Spellplague the spell could reach 60 feet,[3] afterwards only 50 feet,[1] while after the Second Sundering it could go as far as 120 feet.

The spells damaging power growth also changed with eras, while before the spellplague the warlocks skill in the arts of the warlock determined the powers of the blast,[3] after it became more powerful if the caster had a strong personality.[1] A post Second Sundering casting would cast more beams that could have been aimed at the same or multiple targets.[4]

Some of the greatest uses for the spell or ability eldritch blast is that in some eras it can be modified or exchanged with different warlock abilities like the Eldritch spear.[5][4]


In some eras the spell seemed to have no requirements other than skill,[3][1] while in others it also needed both verbal and somatic components.[4]



  1. Before the Spellplague, this spell was a spell-like ability for most warlocks.