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Eldritch Knights were arcane warriors of Faerûn who devoted their lives to the study of both martial fighting styles and the practice of the Art.[2]


These individuals took great pride in the versatility of their skill sets. They were extremely motivated to perfect their two disciplines equally as they cotinued their training.[1][2]

They were often incentivized by the opportunity to hone their physical fighting skills or the prospects of uncovering new and previously unlearned magical lore.[2]


Eldritch knights developed rituals that allowed them to form a unique connection with either one, or a pair of weapons. After doing so, a knight could summon it to their hand and never lose their grip, so long as they were present and in control of themself in battle.[1]

Through their experienced they learned how to skillfully attack their foes with weapon and magic, alternating between spell castings and weapon strikes with great efficiency. They could even imbue their attacks with a magical effect that made their foes even weaker to their eldritch magic.[1]

Some of the more expert eldritch knights could use the rush of combat to gain advantageous position on the battlefield, by means of teleportation.[1]


The descendants of the Netherese House Orogoth often followed the path of the eldritch knight.[3]

Around 1372 DR, the city of Waterdeep had a higher than average population of eldritch knights.[4]

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