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13 Eleint, or the 13th of the Fading, is the 256th day of the year in the Calendar of Harptos during a non-leap year or the 257th day of a leap year.

On This Day[]

  • Worshipers of Garl Glittergold celebrate the Communion of Laughter with various activities.[1][2]
  • Worshipers of Tyr perform the ritual of the Maiming at which a giant gauntleted hand appears above the congregation and then disappears in an illusion of flaming blood.[3][4]
  • In 1347 DR, the Ten Black Days of Eleint began after a coup attempt by Prince Alemander V on the previous day burned Castle Tethyr to the ground, killing King Alemander IV and the royal family of Tethyr. The Crown Prince was betrayed by his co-conspirator, General Sharboneth, and both died in the fire. The terror of the Ten Black Days spread as oppressed peasants were whipped into a murderous frenzy by Calishite agitators to hunt down most of the nobility. Many castles and temples were destroyed in the mayhem.[5]
  • In 1374 DR, adventurers rescued a number of kidnap victims, taken by followers of Shar and Cyric via the false temple of Mystra in Wheloon, from the Vast Swamp. They looted documents that included the Black Chronology and held clues to a sacred Sharran text called the Book of the Black.[6]