Archons were an elite group of elementals that could be found in either the Elemental Chaos serving primordials or other elementals.[5]

Description[edit | edit source]

Archons were of roughly human size and shape, though they were still impressive to behold. An archon was typically composed almost entirely of a single substance, be it an element or paraelement and were essentially the elemental planes given form. All archons were covered in thick armor, which protected them against attack and was all that would remain when they were killed.[1]

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Being creatures that were forged for the purpose of war, the mindset of archons revolved almost entirely around conflict and conquest. There was no innate hostility between archons of differing elements.[6]

Earth archons were particularly known for being good strategists and preferred a slow, steady rate of conquest. Storm archons were particularly bloodthristy, always itching for a fight. They were known to go out of their way to cause panic and suffering.[7]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

All archons were immune to the effects of disease and poison, being composed wholly of elemental essence.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Archons were created by the primordials during the Dawn War as a response to the gods' use of angels. In order to create the archons, primordials found several elemental creatures and reshaped them, forging them into archons through intentional creation. The use of archons was initially successful, although in the end the gods prevailed.[5] At some point efreets managed to steal the secrets of archon creation from the primordials and from them this knowledge eventually spread across the planes.[6]

Since the time of the Dawn War, archons have served a variety of elemental lords across the planes. Although nearly all archons within them a burning urge to return the world to the rule of the primordials, having little other purpose in their minds.[5]

Some time following the Spellplague, fire archons were utilized as minions by the wizard Kabal the Firesoul.[8]

During the Elemental Evil crisis, archons were utilized by members of each of the four elemental cults responsible for the crisis. The Cult of the Black Earth, the Cult of the Crushing Wave, the Cult of the Eternal Flame, and the Cult of the Howling Hatred.[8]

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Outside of combat, archons spent much of their time trying to hone their knowledge of strategy and tactics.[6]

Many archons were known to serve the evil archomental of their respective element, including Cryonax and Yan-C-Bin.[9] They were also known to serve efreet, storm titans, earth titans, fire titans, and even mighty archons. Titans generally amassed archons of a specific element, while efreets were known to include a wide variety in their armies.[6]

Some ice archons were known to serve the goddess Auril and act as escorts for her winter hags.[10]

Creation[edit | edit source]

Constructing an elemental archon required a special forge, built in a significant concentration of elemental energy. The efreets were known to create fire archons from such a forge in the Char district of the City of Brass. While some ice archons were known to create more of their own kind through a forge located in the Crater of Blue Ice.[6]

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