The elemental archon is a prestige class of Faerûn. Elemental archons go beyond simple mastery of their chosen element (earth, air, water, or fire), believing it a necessary part of their existence to extol the superiority of their element over all others. Elemental archons often wander the lands to preach to the common folk and attempt to direct them to worship of the god representing their own element.[1]

Elemental archons are known to be incredibly arrogant and self-centered, often creating spectacular and destructive battles with those who focus on another element.[1]


Mephit Underling
An elemental archon gains three mephit servants. These three servants gain power as the elemental archon does.[2]
Power of Arrogance
An elemental archon's arrogance is so great that she does greater amounts of damage against creatures who serve the element opposite their own.[2]
Elemental Transcendence
An elemental archon who reaches the pinnacle of power becomes an elemental herself.[2]