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The elemental drakes were a group of fierce drakes whose bloodlines had ties to the Elemental planes.[1]


Elemental drakes overall resembled lithe, sinuous dragons about 12 feet (3.7 meters) long, with scale coloring and texture appropriate to their elemental affinity.[1]


Elemental drakes tended to be evil or neutral at best.[1]


A magma drake (left), an ooze drake (top), a smoke drake (middle), and a water drake (bottom).

All of the elemental drakes had differing abilities depending on their elemental affinities. They flew, had darkvision, and spoke the Draconic language as well as an appropriate elemental language. Compared to dragons and even humans, however, they were not particularly intelligent. Despite this, they were difficult to surprise.[1]


Elemental drakes all tended to attack while flying, relying on their wings to keep them out of reach of opponents while also swooping in close enough to attack with jaws, claws, and tail.[1]


Elemental drakes lived in a variety of terrains, depending on the exact species. However, they generally lived alone or in groups of up to six individuals.[1]

Jann were occasionally known to breed and train elemental drakes as steeds.[1]

Elemental drakes were among the creatures effected by the Dracorage, and would form flights along with wyverns, chromatic dragons, and landwyrms, that destroyed everything they came across.[2]




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