Elemental forbiddance was an abjuration spell that created a zone that was proof against entrance by or attack from elementals.[1]


This spell protected an area from elementals of all kinds; they absolutely could not enter or physically attack through the barrier for the duration of the spell. However, magical and missile attacks were not prevented by this spell. Also, any elementals already within the area before the spell was cast were not affected.[1]

The area that could be protected was a cube whose sides were equal to 5 ft (1.5 m) times the caster's level. The spell lasted more than an hour and longer for more experienced priests.[1]


The priest had to walk the perimeter of the area to be protected as part of the somatic component for this spell. Verbal utterances were necessary as well as four glass beads, one each of blue, green, red, and yellow.[1]



  1. The spell description in Tome of Magic 2nd edition, page 91, states this spell belongs to the Wards sphere but then also lists it with the Elemental sphere on page 152. This spell does not appear in the Elemental Sphere spell list in the Player's Option: Spells & Magic sourcebook. See pages 186–187. Going by the more recent publication, this spell is not categorized in Category:Elemental sphere spells (2e).


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