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Elemental mages were wizards in Zakhara who specialized in one of the four primary elements—sand, wind, sea, and flame.[1][note 1]


These mages did not have any special requirements, though elemental mages following the path of flame tended to be sinister individuals.[1]


Elemental mages were rare compared to the other types of magic-users found in the Land of Fate. Once it was learned that a mage was an elementalist, distrust usually followed.[1] The Pantheist League were notorious for their dislike for these "rogue" mages, going so far as to hire holy slayers to rid them of the their presence in their cities.[2]

Some of the elemental mages took it upon themselves to help improve their reputation by performing acts of general public service, though they kept their identity a secret until the service was completed and their were ready to depart the area.[3] Most of this distrust and suspicion arose because of the Brotherhood of the True Flame and their unending thirst for power. Many elementalists were solitary practitioners and not members of an organization of one of the chosen elements.[1]

Most of these specialists were content to be left alone to study their element.[3]


Elemental mages used the same equipment as regular mages.[1]


Elemental mages chose one of the four elements in which to specialize.[1] They proudly believed that their area of expertise was the only pure element. Flame mages tended to carry this passion to an entirely different level.[3]

They had a knack for learning spells within their chosen element as well as resistance to magic related to their element. Elemental damage from their offensive spells related to their element were stronger than those of non-elemental mages using the same spell.[1]


Outside of universal spells, elemental mages could not learn any spells outside of their chosen element. This included using magical items that replicated effects from these spells.[1]



  1. Elemental mage was a wizard class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.


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