The elephant bird was a huge bird with green plumage and a yellowish beak. Their screams could often be heard when traveling in the jungles of Zakhara. Usually these birds traveled in groups of two or three, but they were rarely separated from their flock. Anyone who dared to attack them recognized their strength soon after.


These birds were quite crafty, seizing any opportunity during combat but would flee if faced with true danger. A favored tactic was heating stones in their throat and dropping them on enemies, which usually stunned the target, allowing for swift claw or beak strikes.


Elephants birds were omnivorous. They preferred fresh meat but would also eat carrion. Other food items included worms, insects, and berries. An elephant bird would attack humans if provoked.


Elephant birds usually lived in dense jungles or on their outskirts. The relatively open terrain found near their habitats was ideal for tracking prey. Their nests were usually found in the highest treetops because their eggs were prized delicacies of many jungle inhabitants.





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