Elf Leap was a hillock to the north and slightly west of Castle Grimstead in Shadowdale. It had steep cliffs on its south and east sides.[1]


According to legends, the last of the Glittering Band met their end at Elf Leap. Two elven rangers who had just being married hours before by the priest of the Glittering Band, fled the burning wreckage of Castle Grimstead in the wake of a drow raid. The two were surrounded upon Elf Leap, but rather than surrender to the drow commander, the pair kissed, drew their weapons, and leaped to their deaths upon the spears of the drow below.[1]


Reports told of hauntings by banshees around Elf Leap. It was unclear whether the hauntings were the spirits of the drow slain by the two elven rangers, or if they were the two elven lovers themselves.[1]


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