The Elfmaid was a Ruathen pirate ship captained by Hrolf the Unruly that plied the Sea of Swords.[1]


The Elfmaid was long and graceful, clinker-built of strong, light wood. The hull was deep and provided room for cargo and cramped sleeping quarters. "Castle" platforms painted with the warrior crew's coats of arms were located in both the fore and aft of the ship. It had a large sail, as well as a line of oars. The ship's figurehead was a busty ten-foot carving of an elven maiden.[2]


In 1361 DR, the rogue drow Liriel Baenre sprang the rowdy captain Hrolf from jail in Skullport in order to have him take her and her companion, Fyodor, to Ruathym. Along the way, the Elfmaid discovered a ship (the Cutter) bearing barrels of pickled sea elves that it had discovered on an abandoned ship. It was later discovered that these sea elves were part of a conspiracy by the Kraken Society and High Captains of Luskan to provoke Waterdeep and the Lords' Alliance to war against Ruathym. The Elfmaid aided in discovering the conspiracy.[3]

Shortly afterwards, Hrolf was killed while in Ruathym and the Elfmaid was sent off -- in a funeral bonfire -- into the sea bearing his body. In memory of Hrolf, Liriel magically turned the figurehead to figure of Hrolf as it was destroyed.[4]


In 1361 DR, the following crewmembers were on board:

  • Hrolf, captain.[1]
  • Ibn, first mate.[5]
  • Olvir, crewmember; young man who wanted to be a skald but disliked the lower status bards held in his culture, so instead he became a shipman to sate his thirst for adventure.[6]
  • Bjorn, the youngest member of the crew;[7] his hobbies were carving and painting.[8]



Hrolf sang a ditty about the Elfmaid while he was locked away in Skullport[1]:

"When you meet with the lads of the Elfmaid, my friend,
You would rather face Umberlee's wrath.
Hand over a measure of all of your treasure,
Or swim in a saltwater bath!

Come ashore with the lads of the Elfmaid, my friend.
We're awash on an ocean of ale !
Some taverns to plunder, some guards to sunder,
And then, a short rest in the jail!"





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