Elgrin Fau was a city built by humans, and later sent to the Shadow Deep, in the Plane of Shadow by Kesson Rel.[1]


The city was built on a world now forgotten, nearly 9000 years previous to the events of Dawn of Night. Kesson Rel was exiled from the city and took revenge by banishing the entire city (including the wall) to the Plane of Shadow, using the power he gained as the first Chosen of Mask.[1]

The city managed to survive for some time. They undertook to bury their dead inside the city walls and constructed a necropolis in the middle of the city to house and keep them in their graves.[2] Eventually the survivors abandoned the city and left for other planes.[3]

When the city was empty, Kesson Rel returned and opened a gate in the middle of the necropolis to taunt the dead interred there.[2] He set a guard over the gate, a darkweaver.[4]


  • Ruined Temple of the Seekers of the Sun
  • Necropolis
  • Gate of Kesson Rel


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