Eli yn Adnan el Beza was the Caleph Arcane of Calimport[1][2] and the Sultan of Wizard Ward.[1]


Eli was a bald man whose skin was covered in magical tattoos, including sigils and a detailed red wyvern design with its head at his left brow, the body arching behind his ear, and the tail curling around his neck.[1]


Despite an appearance that made some uneasy, Eli was actually good natured an easy to talk to. He smiled often.[1]

However, he was a terror to his enemies; his eyes had an icy glare when he was angry.[1]

Eli el Beza was fascinated with Thayvian culture, which is why he was bald and tattooed.[1][2] Supposedly, has admiration of Thay gave him the drive to claim the seat of the Caleph Arcane.[2]


Eli's home was a villa in Ziana Drudach of Najja Sabban in Wizard Ward. The complex, named Suryvlashadah, contained three large buildings of red granite and a five-story minaret of white marble. The villa was surrounded by a high wall and had an arched gate. To enter the villa, visitors would speak to the keystone of the gateway, which was shaped like a lion's head. The wall was not guarded; any intruders would find themselves grappled by stone arms coming from the walls.[1]

The courtyard and other places in the villa were filled with stone statues, which some suspected were petrified enemies of the syl-pasha.[1]


As Caleph Arcane, Eli was in charge of the most powerful guild in Calimshan. As sultan, his job was to manage the district of Calimport with the most powerful concentration of magic.[1]


Eli was the younger brother of Nur el Beza of Almraiven.[2]


Eli el Beza came to power through his brutal methods of dealing with his enemies. It was said that he knew a unique spell in which he turned a silver piece into a sack of spider eggs, with which he choked and/or poisoned them. This earned him the nickname "Spidermaw".[1]



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