Elijah Moonspeak was a crazed cleric in Chult.[1]


Elijah and his adventuring party, including his beloved, went to Chult around 1323 DR to search the heart of the jungle jewel. However, a tyrannosaurus attacked them. Elijah escaped while the dinosaur ate his friends. This completely shocked him. From then on, he wandered the jungles, avoiding dinosaurs and goblin patrols and eating lizards. In time,r he descended into madness.

Somehow, in this time, he became devoted to Ubtao and discovered the place where the heart of the jungle lay, in the village of the Kuro goblins.[1]


If Elijah met people from the Heartlands, he quickly believed they were his lost companions ignoring any possible differences. At first, he believed they'd somehow escaped from the tyrannosaurus but afterward came to believe they were instead undead and attacked them.[1]



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