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Elixirs of health were potions that eliminated negative effects from imbibers without providing actual healing.[11]

All right. Ye are right to ask, and should know. Of what I carry, ye can use only the wand in my right boot; my belt flask, which contains an elixir of health - ye know, cures disease, poison, an' all that; and the rings I wear, which work without any guidance on thy part...


Elixirs of health were clear potions of red color with fine bubbly fizz of light wiring inside.[12]


An elixir of health cured the drinker from Blindness or deafness, disease, insanity, feeblemind, various infections, and rot. This potion also killed parasites and cured poison in cases where it did not cause damage to the victim's body yet. The only thing one had to keep in mind about these potions is that even though they cured various negative conditions, it never healed any damage to the imbiber's body, be it a small cut or a gashing wound.[11] If the potion was consumed in its entirety, all of the conditions listed above were eliminated, half a potion, however, allowed for removing only two of the ailments.[10]


Elixirs of health could be brewed using purified unholy water.[9][14] Another recipe called for holy water mixed with powdered water opal.[15]


In 1281 DR, a unique version of an elixir of health was brewed by and could be purchased from Oswald Fiddlebender, an eccentric gnome inventor and potion-maker. His version of the elixir removed poisons and diseases from the imbiber and gave a much needed physical healing boost which was unique among other variants of the potion.[3]

In the 14th century DR, elixirs of health could be encountered in Shadowdale and Freedale.[2]

Clerics of Malar that could be found in the mega-dungeon of Undermountain in the 14th century DR carried an elixir of health as part of their standard equipment.[7]

In 1367 DR, magic fountains containing waters enhanced with the elixirs of health could be found in the elven city of Evermeet.[5]

Elixirs of health were common in Ra-Khati of the Hordelands circa 1369 DR.[8]

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