Ellery Dragonsbane, her full name Ellery Tranth Dopray Kierney Dragonsbane Peidopare[1], was a famous commander of the Army of Bloodstone.


Ellery was tall and quite slender. Her skin was tanned with many freckles about her nose, enhancing her beauty by adding a touch of girlishness to a face full of intensity and power. Her bright blue eyes were wide set.[2] Sometimes she wore her thick shock of long, fiery red hair falling free and tumbling down her back.[3]

When leaving for battle, the commander was armored in full plate decorated with carvings and delicate designs, wearing a great flat-topped helmet, plumed with a great red feather on the left-hand side, indicating her rank among the Army of Bloodstone.[4]


Growing up under the shadow of Zhengyi, the Witch-King, Ellery had seen many battles and had wielded her heavy axe since childhood.[5]

She spent years justifying her secret relationship with Canthan Doolittle, and thought herself in control of the relationship, but she was nothing but a pawn to Canthan. Her dark choices delayed her from emerging as a true paladin in the line of Gareth Dragonsbane.[6]


Ellery was related to the old Vaasan family lines of Tranth and Dragonsbane. She was the niece of Baron Tranth and the cousin of Lady Christine Dragonsbane, Queen of Damara, and the niece[7] of Gareth Dragonsbane, King of Damara.[1]

She gained in rank and reputation with the help of Canthan and his associates in the Citadel of Assassins.[8]

Ellery retrieved her axe from an ogre she slew.[9]

Trying to kill the drow Jarlaxle on the orders of Canthan, she died in battle when Artemis Entreri nicked her heart with his dagger.[10]

Jarlaxle resurrected her for the battle against the dracolich Urshula in the bowels of the new Castle Perilous, where she ultimately died.[11]




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