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Ellywick Tumblestrum was a gnome and a very powerful bard.[1]

If you had just one wish, what would it be? Gold or angel song? Finding a lost love, or finding your way back home? Let me sing a song about one wish that came true...
— Ellywick Tumblestrum[3]


Ellywick Tumblestrum was known as the most powerful bard the Realms and beyond.[1]


Through song and music, she had the ability to manipulate hearts and minds of sentient creatures, attract animals and even transform her surroundings.[1]


She has a deck of many things in her possession as well as a lute.[1]


She travelled the Realms in the company of an adventurer party she formed. Members of the party included Hama Pashar, Nadaar and Varis.[1]


She gained her powers from a wish spell from a lucky draw from her deck of many things.



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