Elmaer Oraun was a former Sembian war captain who became Lord of Harrowdale in the 1170s or 1180s DR. He vanished during the Battle of Marak's Stile, presumed dead, in which Harrowdale was lost to Halvan the Dark.[1]


Elmaer Oraun had a son, named Erammon Oraun, and a swordmaster, Thaeron.[1]


Originally from Sembia, Elmaer rose to become a well-respected war captain. In the years around 1175–1185 DR (no source confirms the exact year), Elmaer killed Harlstakh "Har-Stag" Kethtor, who was Lord of Harrowdale at the time, to become Lord of Harrowdale for himself.[1]

Described as "around twenty seasons" after gaining power in Harrowdale, the dale was invaded by Halvan the Dark, and the Battle of Marak's Stile ensued, in which Halvan was the victor, and Elmaer vanished, presumed dead, but some said that elven magic prevented his death instead, along with his son Erammon and swordmaster Thaeron, and that reports emerged of Oraun and Thaeron appearing in Elventree fifty years later, escorting an elven "great lady" and not appearing to have aged at all.[1]

It was then reported, during the winter of 1351 DR, by the wizard Arauntan of Selgaunt, that three Sembian brothers who owned a farmstead in Harrowdale, had changed in appearance, despite walking and talking in the same manner. He said that Torstan Morgath looked like Eramonn Oraun, Ulbearn Morgath looked like Elmaer Oraun, and Durthar Morgath looked like swordmaster Thaeron.[1]

In 1358 DR, Ulbaern Morgath (alleged to be Elmaer Oraun) was found dead at the Morgath farmhouse, with a ghostly tall thin elf lady standing over the body.[1]



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