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Elminster's Guide to the Realms was a column by Ed Greenwood published in Dragon magazine. The column debuted in June 2001 in the 25th Anniversary Issue (Dragon #284) and ended in August 2004 (Dragon #322).


Issue Title Description Citation template
Dragon #284 Mrelgaunt's Turret North of Everlund, a crumbling tower. [citation template]
Dragon #285 The Shrine of Swords A wayside shrine to Tempus, on the High Road, south of Neverwinter. [citation template]
Dragon #286 Shattershree's Rest The Old Tomb, due west of Serpentsbridge. [citation template]
Dragon #287 Shadowdark House A magic shop in Western Daerlun. [citation template]
Dragon #288 Moonwyvern Inn Moonwyvern Inn, the best meeting place in the middle of nowhere. [citation template]
Dragon #289 The Shunned Street A secret Thay establishment in the Sembian port of Urmlaspyr. [citation template]
Dragon #291 The Skondarr A cavern network near Zhentil Keep. [citation template]
Dragon #292 The Sleeping Dragon An artifact in the Dragon Wood of the Sword Coast North. [citation template]
Dragon #293 The Missing Minotaur A new tavern in western Everlund. [citation template]
Dragon #294 The Leaning Tree All the secrets of a traveler's rest revealed. [citation template]
Dragon #295 The Bone Dance A haunted hill near Dagger Falls. [citation template]
Dragon #296 Starfall Pool A restful glade in the Moonwood. [citation template]
Dragon #297 The Talntower A dwarven waterworks in the Savage Frontier. [citation template]
Dragon #299 Moon Mountain Brewery An establishment two days' north of Secomber. [citation template]
Dragon #300 Old Angrath's Smokehouse A local landmark in Red Larch and an important meeting place/supply depot for the Harpers. [citation template]
Dragon #301 Tatha's Broomworks A "leaf farm" west of Elturel. [citation template]
Dragon #302 The High Flagon A typical country gambling house on the Long Road. [citation template]
Dragon #304 Jongrath's Mill A waterless mill in Tethyr. [citation template]
Dragon #307 The Haunted Bridge A look at Ilikur's Bridge south of Triboar. [citation template]
Dragon #316 The Black Dwarf Mine Due east of Waterdeep, an ironworks and discreet storage. [citation template]
Dragon #320 The Roaring Dragon House Waterdeep's newest den of vice and victory. [citation template]
Dragon #321 Nurneene's Marvelous Masks A shop in Waterdeep with a dark secret. [citation template]
Dragon #322 The Wyrmworks In Silverymoon, a shop specializing in dragon bits. [citation template]