Elminster's Notebook was a column by Ed Greenwood published in Dragon magazine. The column was written from the perspective of Elminster Aumar, exploring personalities and oddities of the Realms.


Issue Title Description Citation template
Dragon #200 Lord Kuldak Maurancz Elminster's recounts his visit to Kuldak Maurancz, Lord of Cragmyr near Beregost in his—according to rumor, haunted—keep. [citation template]
Dragon #202 The Mystery of the Plains In this article, Elminster reports on a mysteriously clean, but seemingly non-magical sword stuck in the ground in Mulhorand with many old remains of dead demihumans about it. [citation template]
Dragon #206 Tashara of the Seven Skulls History of a magic user. [citation template]
Dragon #210 The Serpent Blade Weapons and rings used by the cults of Tiamat. [citation template]
Dragon #213 Aldreth Fireshar Aldreth Fireshar, a wizard with a variety of unusual spells and unpleasant associates. [citation template]
Dragon #216 Kobold Commotions Elminster notes past and present kobold activities and holdings at a number of different places in Faerûn. [citation template]



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