Elmo Braunstar was the quiet and well-regarded expert wainwright in the city of Ashabenford within Mistledale in the mid-to-late 14th century DR.[1]


He ran his own shop in town, Braunstar Wheelwright, whose reasonably priced services were sought by many in the dale, and whose products were demanded by nobles, foreign merchants, and thieves alike.[3]

One of the most renowned wainwrights in the Dalelands, Braunstar not only sold and repaired carriages and wagons, but created a few designs that were particularly in-demand. His Swanswing model was popular among the regional nobility and the Fleetrun long wagon was a favorite among merchants of the Dragon Coast and had a three-year back order as of 1367 DR.[3]


Braunstar, the designation he preferred over his first name, was a quiet, thoughtful man who was well known throughout Mistledale for his empathy, foresight, and trustworthiness with confidential information. He was quite skilled in cutting through to the heart of a problem when talking them out with others, and offering clear perspective and sound advice.[3] In these regards he was often sought out for council by other members of the community.[1]



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