Elmwood was a small farming community located on the southern shores of the Moonsea.[1]


This tranquil place was loosely ruled by its constable, Thoyana Jorgadaul, a shield dwarf adventurer who retired here due to a respiratory disease.[5]


Elmwood's merchant area was located in the center of the village.

Busiest part of the village located on the northern part of Elmwood; it was made by a series of wooden docks and piers where both village boats and passing merchant vessels moored. Near the Docks, three robust structures made by oak and brick were used as warehouses.[6]
A wood and stone emporium run by Tayrom Onetry, where a trader could find nearly everything, except for armor and weapons.[6]


Elmwood was founded in the Year of the Screeching Vole (163 DR) as a stopover for ships to and from the River Lis.[2] It was accidentally destroyed in 1491 DR when a devastation orb intended to be set off in Mulmaster prematurely detonated there, leaving only a single survivor to report the tragedy.[7]

Notable locationsEdit

Inns and tavernsEdit

Still Waters
Inn located on the eastern part of the village and run by master brewer, Enrad Daleborn.[3]


Temple of the Half-moon
Temple of Selûne run by Alamarayne Moonray, a beautiful half-elf woman of moon elf stock, and a close friend to Thoyana Jorgadaul.[3]
South of Elmwood, hidden amidst the trees, the druid Ezril Treewarder tended a shrine dedicated to Eldath.[3]

Other locationsEdit

Old Well
South of the Still Waters, near the southeastern edge of the village, lay an ancient stone well, dried long time ago, that lead to an underground, monster infested area of Elmwood.[8]
The old Moonsea saying "like an Elmwood watch" means a task so simple that it practically performs itself.
— John Terra, The Moonsea[2]


The village was home to woodcutters and fishermen, and a waystop for ships and adventurers passing by. The place was neutral and the people kept to themselves, protected both by their isolation and the fact that there was little worth taking by force.[9]





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