Elonia's Beauty Shoppe was a salon located within the Temple District of Ravens Bluff during the late 14th century DR. It was found within the Swordspoint neighborhood, on Rhabie Promenade, north of the Raven's Glory.[1]

The salon was run by the strikingly attractive illusionist Elonia Starre and her equally beautiful and quite courageous daughter Salena, who had began a career embarking upon adventures. Their home was located in a room above the store.[1]


While the Starre's clientele would come to the salon for pampering and beautification, they would stay to catch up on the latest gossip within the city. Although rich Ravenian women were among their regulars, the mother–daughter team offered haircuts, beauty enhancements (both material and illusory), shaving, manicures and pedicures, and even tattoos, to both Ravenian men and women.[1]

If someone were to make the request, Elonia could use her beautician and illusion skills to alter their appearance enough to act as a disguise.[1]



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