Lord Elorfindar Floshin was a sun elf who guarded the portals of the Ardeep Forest. He lived in a manor close to the House of Long Silences. He was a distant relative of Araevin Teshurr.[2]


Elorfindar was required to guard the portals in the Ardeep Forest as penance for the betrayals of his ancestors.[3] In youth Elorfindar joined the kingdom of Phalorm and contrary of his fellow Ardeep elves he never abandoned the kingdom until it end. After he put all his efforts in made a new Phalorm but with few success.[4] He acted as advisor for the dukes in Daggerford[1] Circa 1468 DR, Elorfindar died and the estate was left to his eldest son Darfin.[5]

Possessions Edit

Though he rarely had reason to enter battle, Elorfindar owned much magical equipment, such as a suit of elven chain mail +4, a shield +2, a ring of protection +2 as well as a ring of wizardry, a massive collection of ioun stones, and a luckstone.[1]

Elorfindar additionally owned several magical weapons, including a longbow +3, along with several magical arrows, a dancing longsword, a staff of the magi, and lastly his defender longsword +5 called "Elfhost" which was a sentient weapon made from mithral, was capable of casting several different spells, and was created with the purpose of destroying the enemies of elvenkind.[1]


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