Elrem the Wise (pronounced: /ˈɛlrɛmELL-rem[1]) was the powerful shaman of the Great Worm Tribe of Uthgardt barbarians and resided permenatly at the Great Worm ancestor mound. Once human, Elrem had acquired the shape of a great Worm through some magical means. Either through pious devotion or the prays of his followers Elrem had became an embodiment of the totem spirit of his tribe. Legend has it he was a son of Uthgar, gifted with the beast powers by his father.

Much was told of the treasure collected over the years, offered as gifts upon which Elrem rested. He seemed to only rouse himself for the annual runemeet, to lead the tribes celebrations, and to prophesied the future. Through his leadership the tribe had chosen evil creatures as their spiritual enemies.

He had been described as a gigantic bat winged snake with the head of a red dragon.[1]

He was killed in 1368 DR by a Zhentarim-sponsored adventuring party.[2]