Elthryn Aumar was one of the Warring Princes of Athalantar and the father of Elminster Aumar.[1]


Elthryn was a calm, peaceful, just man. At one point, not supporting the intrigues that plagued the court, Elthryn retired to the outlying village of Heldon and Uthgrael Aumar gave him the Lion Sword, a longsword with magical powers that had never left the king's hand until then. Some saw this act as the king appointing Elthryn as the true heir to the Stag Throne.

In Heldon, Elthryn married a forester's daughter, Amrythale Goldsheaf, in 210 DR. They had one son, Elminster, born in 212 DR. Both parents were slain in the destruction of Heldon by the wizard Undarl in 224 DR.[2]




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