House Eltorchul (pronounced: /ɛlˈtɔːrʊlel-TOR-chul[3]) was a noble family of Waterdeep. They were originally known for spice and imports but were later known for arcane research and schooling as well as the procurement of rare magical components.[1][4]

They owned a villa in the Sea Ward of the city at the corner of Ivory and Diamond Streets. It was from there that they also ran an arcane academy aptly named the Eltorchul Academy.[4]


Lord Thesp Eltorchul invested the family's spice and import fortune into the founding of the Eltorchul Academy around 1342 DR.[4][2]

Some of the Eltorchul sons were known for adventuring. They discovered a two-way gate into Undermountain. They sold the knowledge of the location of the gate to Lord Hund Hiilgauntlet for the erection of his tomb in Undermountain itself. Upon completion of the tomb, Hund trapped the workers and one of the Eltorchul sons within the tomb in order to keep its secret and to serve as undead guardians. Infuriated, the remaining brothers looted the Hiilgauntlet estate after a failed attempt at attacking the underground lair. They also destroyed the gate, trapping Hund in his tomb. Ironically, one of the brothers ended up marrying Hund's daughter and having many children by her.[5]

The Eltorchul link to Undermountain continued when Thesp's daughter, Errya Eltorchul, became one of Halaster's Heirs and took up residence in Undermountain, where she sold somewhat accurate maps of the dungeon levels.[6]

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