Once an independent city, Elturel (pronounced: /ˈɛltɜːrˌɛlELL-tur-ELL[7]) later in 1479 served as the capital of Elturgard.[4]


The city was situated atop a cliff, dominating the River Chionthar. After the Spellplague, a small pocket of plagueland appeared a few miles south of the city.[4]

The city itself was split into two districts: the High District and the Dock District.



A map of Elturel in 1358 DR.

Elturel was the farming center of the Fields of the Dead and thrived on the trade that passed through its domain.[8] Traders greatly appreciated the protection afforded to them by the city's Hellriders.[1] After the founding of Elturgard, the officials who handled trade in the city became overly righteous and handed exorbitant taxes and punishments to traders who demonstrated even the slightest impiety.[4]


Elturel's main defense for much of its existence were the mounted warriors known as the Hellriders. Though they numbered only 2,000, they were not only the guards and police of the city, they also effectively patrolled the River Chionthar and surrounding roads. After the Spellplague, Elturel was the home of many paladins, who ably protected the city from the forces of evil and plaguechanged creatures coming from the south. A shining orb known as the Companion hung over the city although only the High Observer truly knew if this was a blessing of Amaunator.[4] The orb produced light that was painful to undead, and could be seen from virtually anywhere within Elturgard.[9]


Elturel has only ever been noted as having a single, absolute ruler. The city was ruled by the High Observer of Torm who made certain that the city was run efficiently and that the area surrounding the city remained safe.[4]

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